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Welcome Namibian customers come to our company 2017 / 11 / 21

Yesterday, a customer from Namibia came to our company to discuss with our company’s sales and production manager about the medical air compressor project.

In the morning, the sales manager accompanied the client to visit our production workshop to show the production process of the medical air compressor to the customer. Then they explained to our clients the other products of our company, such as bed head units, zone valve box, oxygen generators, etc., and took photos with our colleagues. The customer said that this trip to China was very satisfied with the products of our company. And he believed we would certainly provide him with the high quality medical air compressor to provide strong support for his hospital project in Namibia.



AMCAREMED Medical Air ensures to meet the requirements for conditioning medical compressed air with EN ISO and HTM 02-01. Available in Oil-free scroll type and pistons two type.

Oil-free scroll type

The oil-free scroll type medical air compressor has the following product characteristics:

1. Low noise and convenience

10~65db running low noise can be used in the hospital; using a chart LCD controller, you can view the status of work, machine protection, maintenance information, output status, and other multi-function icons under any condition to facilitate operation.

2. Excellent durability

The structure of the Vortex main engine is simple, the spare parts are few, the easily damaged parts are less, and the replacement possibility is reduced greatly.

3. Save running costs

More than 10HP model adopts series/random number generator control to minimize power cost (up to 20,000) and low maintenance cost

4. Save Energy

According to the actual use of the hospital gas to form different compression control, in order to start/stop the control, so as to prevent the operation of the empty load caused by the power consumption.

Pistons type

The advantages of the piston medical air compressor are the simple structure, long service life and easy to realize large capacity and high voltage output. The disadvantage is that the vibration is big, the noise is big, and because the exhaust is intermittent, the output has a pulse and the gas tank is needed.
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