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AmcareMed debuts in Medical Philippines Expo 2017 2017 / 12 / 08

Last week, AmcareMed with 2017 new product debut in the second Philippine Medical exhibition. AmcareMed’s products, such as area alarm and bed head unit, are well received by Philippines merchants for fashion design, advanced intelligent technology, and excellent product quality.

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In recent years, more and more Chinese medical gas pipeline system industries have entered the Philippine market, which makes the whole industry show orderly competition and flourish. We firmly believe that in the Philippines we will certainly be able to open up a larger market for medical gases and provide excellent medical gas products to a wide range of engineering companies and distributors in the industry.

In this exhibition, our company has exhibited a total of more than 10 kinds of products, including bed head units, medical gas alarm, oxygen flow meter, oxygen regulator, zone valve box, suction bottle, vacuum regulator, etc., fully presented the overall manufacturing and innovation strength of our company.

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At the exhibition, AmcareMed company’s bed head units with rounded, stylish, simple external image to make everyone impressed. It has a fully modular function, can provide different lengths, a variety of standard gas outlets and power sockets, LED and fluorescent version of the lamp. It can also meet customer personalized needs. Ideal for use in hospital wards, providing a comfortable hospital experience for patients.

In addition to bed head unit, the gas alarm is also loved by Filipino locals. AmcareMed demonstrated at this exhibition is a led area alarm. LED area alarms can be installed at a hospital nurse station. It can handle up to seven gases, providing sound and light alarm, and displaying medical gas information on the LED display.

The led area alarm has five indicators, a green “NORMAL”, a red “High Early Warning”, a red “HIGH”, “LOW” alarm condition and “LOW Early Warning.

Our medical gas alarm uses a high precision pressure sensor and the sampling point is up to 1000 meters in order to ensure the safe use of the hospital gas.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of medical care, the Philippine market has great potential for development. AmcareMed will bring more high-tech, high-quality medical gases to the Philippine market.

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